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Leaders who inspire motivate and manage expectations, especially through uncertainty and change, are more likely to succeed in today’s business environments. Leaders who use their emotional intelligence in conjunction with strategy and business acumen, have a greater capacity to influence others and lead by example.


CIT Business Solutions helps leaders develop ‘Advanced Leadership Skills’. These skills enable leaders to engage and get to the core of issues and opportunities quickly and accurately. They use ‘insight and analysis’ to understand their employees, the organisation’s culture and their customer and business needs.


CIT Business Solutions helps organisations develop a business environment that can sustain a constant state of ‘change readiness.’ As we all have experienced, change is not static and will always be part of ‘high performing and rewarding cultures'.


CIT uses a variety of processes and methods to assess ‘change readiness’ when redesigning and implementing change.  We work with key sponsors and stakeholders to develop an open and informative communication plan. 


We identify the impact on business, people, customers, suppliers, jobs, roles, capabilities, capacity and learning needs. 


Creating and maintaining productive and rewarding cultures in organisations is a major leadership challenge. Identifying the culture and subcultures is critical to the success of organisational development and change.


Roadblocks in cultural analysis often arise from difficulties in being able to get honest feedback from staff, and from being able to analyse qualitative data with validity and integrity.


CIT Business Solutions use proven methodologies to assess, analyse and interpret the culture. Our culture snapshot approach helps gain staff input and trust. CIT's processes and dedicated consultants aim to represent people’s perceptions and their reality of workplace experience.


CIT offers qualified and experienced leadership coaching that challenges leaders to develop their potential through Emotional Intelligence, NeuroLeadership and Strategic Business Thinking.


We coach our clients to become conscious of their behaviour, use their power of choice, practice emotional intelligence and build resilience when managing difficult and resistant behaviours.


Our coaching is 20% models and theory and 80% experiential learning. Leaders often report a greater level of awareness and capability to get results while at the same time building effective relationships with their staff, management and teams.


Our coaching empowers leaders to lead with insight and understanding, to challenge beyond the obvious and to guide with passion and integrity.


CIT Business Solutions is strongly focused on innovative and creative learning and development solutions. We have extensive experience in understanding and developing core business competencies, skills, and knowledge.


We understand the need to ensure willingness, desire, capability, and capacity are understood and factored into the organisational learning and development strategy.


We use proven methodologies, processes and tools to ensure we develop a high performing culture.




CIT Business Solutions can help your organisation develop a proactive, innovative and forward thinking business strategy. Our strategic planning process helps organisations analyse business results, explore opportunities and challenges, assess competitive and market trends, conduct customer and employee focus groups and facilitate scenario planning sessions.


Our consultants have worked in a variety of business roles, in Australia and overseas. They have a good understanding of business models and operations. Our knowledge in culture, leadership, organisational psychology, neuroscience and business becomes invaluable when developing business strategy.