Vivian Vrahos

Director/Principal Consultant

"CIT Business Solutions has over 20 years experience in helping organisations get results and be competitive"

Vivian Vrahos is a dynamic and highly analytical Principal Consultant whose competitive advantage has been her extensive business experience and qualifications.


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Vivian has worked in many business and senior management roles in Asia, NZ,USA &UK. Her roles included management in Organisational  Development; Marketing; Sales & Operations; Retail; Merchandising; Quality & ERP/SAP Project Management.





She has qualifications in psychotherapy,  postgraduate degrees in Psychology, Organisational Behaviour & Masters in Business.


CIT’s focus is on building organisational performance and leadership capabilities that motivate people to reach their potential and use their emotional intelligence.

Our consultants use innovation, insight and customised methodologies to deliver lasting results in Leadership; Change and Design; Cultural Analysis; Coaching; Learning and Development and Strategic Planning.