“Vivian and her team have been consulting with our company for over 11 years with excellent results. We continue to use her exceptional services on a regular basis. The cultural assessment process and focus groups, the leadership development process, and the group and individual coaching sessions have been invaluable for the development of our leaders. It has facilitated the transition of managers into effective leaders, developing improved relationships, communication and above all better business results. 


Vivian's dedication, passion and outstanding knowledge of current trends in organisation behaviors and leadership has contributed greatly to DHL Australia winning the global DHL HR award in 2017. In addition, our 2017 Employee Survey, had the highest global score in 'Employee Engagement' 83%;  "Active Leadership 89%; & 'Learning & Development 90%'.


I highly recommend Vivian Vrahos and her team.  

 Graeme Cox, Director Human Resources Asia Pacific

“I have seen excellent results and will continue to see great outcomes from Vivian's outstanding leadership development process. Her strong facilitation, her well-designed and customised programs and her group and individual coaching sessions make a difference! It's the best leadership development programs we have conducted! Great asset for our business results.” 

Phil Lumsden, Vice President IRR Implementation DHL Global

 “I highly recommend Vivian and her team, for her excellent strategic and organisational development consulting services at Austin Health. Her initial brief was to develop strategies to build a ‘performance based culture’ in a complex and large organisation –with over 7,500 staff. Vivian and her consulting team introduced an excellent performance review and development (PRD) process; trained managers on how to conduct effective PRD discussions and also helped them develop skills to provide ongoing coaching and feedback.
Vivian’s comprehensive and challenging framework was endorsed and applauded by key stakeholders such as the CEO and executive team. Her passion, aggression and focus helped her gain commitment and buy in from all levels of the organisation. I am pleased to say that we’ve moved past our tipping point and are now seeing positive change towards an engaged and ‘performance based culture’. Vivian and her team have had excellent feedback and progress so far, we still have a long way to go but we are travelling in the right direction.
Vivian also used her business and leadership consulting skills to conduct department reviews and facilitate and design customised workshops. Her experience, analytical insight and strong consulting skills have been invaluable at Austin Health. We will continue to use Vivian’s consulting services at Austin Health.”

Luke Mulkearn, ex Human Resources Director

“Vivian is an excellent business and leadership consultant. She is challenging, insightful and models the leadership skills in every possible way. The leadership models that Vivian uses encourages you (as a manager) to have the confidence to deal with every situation that may arise. The coaching sessions are extremely challenging; thought provoking and although at times I was outside my comfort zone, the learning’s have been essential in my journey to become a better leader..…
They, have also worked with my department to conduct a cultural analysis and team building. This has been a challenging project and they have been extremely analytical, accurate with their assessments and have recently started to implement some exciting strategies to help us move forward. ”

Brett Faulkhead, Manager Business Excellence & Operations

Robyn Ojaimi, Victoria Police

"This is an advanced leadership program essential to all middle to senior management. It provided the team with the tools and skills to effectively lead people and not just manage the operations and functions". 

“CIT Business Solutions used comprehensive methodologies and processes to understand our culture and organisational development needs. Their project scoping accurately pinpointed the goals and objectives allowing both parties to be confident with the recommended solutions. One of the several solutions implemented was the development of a ‘recruitment training video; this video was extremely high quality, well scripted, professionally filmed and a great resource for our staff throughout Australia

Tiffany Quinlan, ex HR Director, Principal - Human Capital 

“This program will help me lead my team in a much more conscious and deliberate approach. The workbook and desk cards are going to be extremely useful tools. The Australian video examples were so real and an eye opener.” 

Spiro Kourtessis, Sales & Customer Relations Manager

“Vivian Vrahos, congratulations on facilitating one of the most valuable leadership programs I have ever participated in…you’re a top professional…..The coaching sessions over the last year have been invaluable. Your business knowledge coupled with your emotional intelligence is outstanding…I have been promoted to the London office and your professional consulting services have greatly contributed to my professional success..” 

Jason Wilson, General Manager, Southeast Asia

"CIT Business Solutions conducted an organisational assessment and interactive team development workshops for our staff. These were beneficial for all as it allowed a fairly new group of staff to get to know each other better and develop relationships. More recently Vivian also worked with the directors to help look at leadership potential within the agency. This required focus groups and individual interviews to ensure an accurate understanding of the issues and requirements. The outcomes were very productive and has resulted in better leadership, team work and accountability. Vivian is extremely professional and has enormous drive and energy which engenders vivacity with those she is working with”. 

Vicki Brereton, Director Corporate & Secretariat

Melissa Whitehead, Customer Service Manager

“Thank you for such an intense and inspiring experience. CIT consultants are so experienced in helping people understand true leadership….. I feel much more confidant in managing staff and handling defensive and emotional staff and customers.”

“The entire leadership program and individualised coaching sessions were well integrated and it made so much sense. It will definitely help me manage many of my staffing issues. I heard the process was good, but didn’t expect it to be this good.” 

Matt Hopgood, Customer Service Manager

Gus Carfi, Operations Manager - Chubb Insurance 

"The regular one on one leadership coaching sessions have been an invaluable learning experience. This coaching has given me control and power over my professional life; it has enabled me to gain an enormous amount of insight into how I operate as a manager, and how people respond to me and my leadership style. I was constantly challenged and stretched….the coaching has certainly helped me get further in my professional role." 

“I wish I had done this leadership program and coaching 10 years ago, it would have made my job managing staff so much easier” 

Valerie Cook, ex Asia Pacific Marketing Manager